Bricks, Bytes and Blocks

My goal with this blog is bridge the gap between the art of construction and the application of technology within that art. A few things first.

Who am I and why am doing this blog? I studied construction engineering a few years back at the Illinois Institute of Technology and the University of Illinois Chicago. I eventually took an engineering job with ATT. In those days it was easy to move between departments and I ended up selling software systems throughout the communications industry. From there I started my own company implementing ERP systems in government working with such stellar names as Deloitte, Accenture, Maximus, IBM and a few others.

Today I am at the intersection of technology and construction, an industry challenged to keep up with the rate of technology innovation in application. I believe I can help small and medium sized companies choose and use technology to grow and build profit. Large construction companies have plenty of technology support on staff to do this but I may have an idea or two in that department as well.

A few words on the title of my blog. Brick are the most fundamental element of construction. These were being organized into walls a long time before AD or the birth of Christ even before the iron age. Bytes are the most fundamental unit of technology. An organization of 1s and 0s that become the building blocks for technology. I think the analogy here is obvious. As for Blocks, that is short for blockchain. Blockchain is the future of profit for much of the construction industry. It is the opportunity to organized people, processes, resources and payments in an easier to follow format for managing the business. Much more to come on this in future blogs.

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