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About Us

Business First, Technology Second

Since 2005 AriasIS LLC has help clients take on the challenges of improving business operations and profitability through implementing new technologies. 

We have been seasoned by success and failure. Our driving mission remains to help our clients whether, Corporate, Government or Small Business with their complex projects and processes. 

We begin with a review of cashflow, net and gross margins, we compare to industry standards, we look at workflows and metrics and then we apply sound process analysis techniques looking for those high value opportunities to implement change. Always with the goal of profit improvement through smart technology implementation.


The Team

Behind the Scenes

At AriasIS LLC, we have an exceptional team of consultants with expertise in various areas. We’re committed to solving complex business challenges using the latest technology and data resources, combined with our creative and collaborative strategic approach. Learn more about some of our talented professionals below.


Ray Arias MBA, TQM, IBM Design Thinking, MIT System Dynamics, Northwestern Kellogg Sales Institute

Managing Partner

Ray is the driving force behind AriasIS LLC. An independent business consultant and entrepreneur for the past 25 years, his joy remains finding tough business problems to solve and solving them.

rod height.jpeg

Rod Height, Business Strategist, Critical Thinker and Sales Professional Extraodinaire.

Director of Business Development

Rod has worked for some of the largest technology companies in the US including IBM, Oracle and SAP. He has led business development efforts in both large government accounts and for enterprise level insurance companies always delivering value added services.

Al Arias.jpeg

Alphonse S. Arias
BS Mechanical Engineering, Honeywell Procurement Engineer

Sales Director

Alphonse is a serial entrepreneur who has invested in and help several small companies achieve revenue and growth. He serves on the Industrial Advisory Board for the College of Engineering at Southern Illinois University

Larry Picture.jpg

Larry Jakaitis MBA, BSME, Six Sigma, TQM, Lean Manufacturing

Senior Advisor

"Jake" has almost 40 years of manufacturing  and continuous improvement success in aerospace, defense, alternative energy and other commercial enterprises with government experience at DOD and DOE.

jeff wilgus.jpeg

Jeff Wilgus JD
Principal at AriasIS LLC

Chief Data Scientist

Jeff has been a leader in the data science world since the mid 90s. He has delivered high level projects for RR Donnelly, CNN and several key businesses, extracting meaning from data utilizing it to maximize profit and operational effciency.


Arturo Caines

CEO Lexicon Networks

Strategic Partner

Art has a business lifetime of solving business problems that required the integrations of complex data systems. His company Lexicon has partnered with IBM, Univision Allianz, MetLife, others and now AriasIS as the go to data integrator.

Bobby E.jpeg

Roberto Escalante
President of Pueblo Consulting
MBA University of Illinois

Strategic Advisor

Roberto served as CIO and COO for IHCC Chicago through their peak years and has help several business achieve high levels of growth as a result.

George Vukatich.jpg

George Vukotich
Managing Partner Fintank, Harvard Business School, PhD Organizational Development

Strategic Advisor

Go-to strategist, founder, board member, innovator, and educator, Passionate about helping organizations and individuals grow by building successful teams and leveraging technology to drive transformational change.